'From his inner mountain heights he, like the stranger, could look down on the blind, deluded folks below with a smile of contempt on his lips. Aware that, unlike them, he had not surrendered. In his own way, through his chosen self-martyrdom, he’d refused to be blinded to the light.'​​​​​​​
A philistine is a person that does not understand culture. The intellectual  is someone that understands culture. A pseudo intellectual is someone that pretends to understand culture but does not. I  understand Postmodernism and the cultural  dialectics but reject them. So I call myself a pseudo philistine
Paul  has been a dedicated image maker since 1994 when he was introduced to photography at 6 form college. In 2004, he received a BA (hons) in Editorial photography at he University of Brighton. To date hynes-allen has been exhibited internationally in shows and galleries such as The Brotfabrik Gallery Art Forum Berlin, Old Truman Brewery London. As well his images have been published internationally in magazines such as Camera Austria and Parnass.
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