^the story of andy.
                      The story of me )
Steps 2002
Steps 2002
Stilllife 2003
My blood in Andy's bath tub,,.
        Twin towers moving 1999.
Andy‘s mum and my cigaretts [2002])
a document of a readymade apocalyptic clothes-rack 2002..
          Andy´s mother standing in andy´s kitchen
2002 = I placed my tablets on andy´s carpet
   2002 16:00 hours                                                                          2002 16:00.3 hours
Escape                                         calvin klein
3 minutes before 11:30 on a sunday
the last bedroom 
St. andy of the alma tavern public house adisscombe cro 7pt             
           << reallife 2004
A murderer kissing .
Christians on flowers 
The celebration,  work experience  at the Darby and Joan club.  
St Andy.  
Andy  sitting with damien and my bottle  on the : 2003
“I work for  god “
Andy working for the state
Affluent mansions PLACED with ex-ASYLUM CLOCKTOWER
My can of coca cola with childs swings
Me in Andy's kitchen 
My tablets in andy's kitchen 
My last photograph of andy 2003.
Steps 2002
          My first photo of andy 1999.

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