Percy, my friend, the lost Soul of the King's Road,  Brighton.
A vagrant's feet. 
The image is taken through my bedsit window. A drug dealer is arrested.
'You can still be homeless and still have white Privilege.' The stigmatized hand of a homeless man. 
Tony is pitching down with his sleeping bag as two young ladies run to the  Hilton Hotel for their graduation ball.
Moe and two girls are laughing. 
Paul and Trevor. Seaside shelter opposite my flat. The King's road. 
Room with a view 1. 
Give Us Our Flowers Now! Black Trans lives Matter. 
Percy is a Homeless man suffering from Schizophrenia.
Hipsters at Twilight. The West pier. 
 A teenage beggar at Twilight, the King's Road.
A university student. The West Pier. 
Martin, a schizophrenic man.The West Pier.
46th Brighton and Hove Gay Pride. 2019. The Kings Road. 
The 100 year anniversary of the First World War. 2018. The Kings Road, 
Paul is very drunk in the street. 
Paul is sitting on the steps outside my flat. 
The Coca Cola Hipsters and the Homeless man. 
Stop Brexit, Steve, and Chris, a homeless ex-army man. 
Micky and Black Lives Matter. 
 Herbert Marcuse's new proletariat. 
Karl Marx's forgotten proletariat. 
Sunset on a man's bloody face. The King's Road.
Sunset on a man's hairy ass. The King's road. 
Unrequited love.  Berget and the Wizard. St James street. 
Gary image 1. A homeless man. The victim of childhood abuse. 
Gary, image 2. A homeless man. The victim of childhood abuse.
Old and young. Gay Pride, Brighton. 2019. 
Beef Burgers. St James Street.
 A frotteur being questioned by policemen. 
Old and young. St James Street, Brighton. 
When Potter Payper came to the beach.
"You can be homeless and still have White Privilege"
 White and Dark ( Heroin and Crack.) The hand of a victim of childhood sexual abuse. 
Angelo. St James Street, Brighton. 
A Black Lives Matter demonstrator intimidates police officers.
A police officer kneels on a Freedom Day demonstrator. 
The night of the canceled Gay Pride, 2020. St James Street, Brighton. 
Marks and Spencer's LGBT cupcakes. 
Remembrance Sunday 
Moe is standing with pigeons in the otherwise empty street during the tier 4 covid lockdown. 
A homeless man is trying to sell a stuffed seagull.
Robert is begging in an empty street during the 4 tier Coivd Lockdown. 
Percy, the Lost Soul of the King's Road, Brighton. 
Aufheben  der kulture
 Image made by Percy of me: the Lost Artist of the King's road. 2019 

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